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Market changes have created a demand for non-correlated investments and alternative financial strategies, leading to huge growth in Best International’s alternative and asset management divisions.

Successful examples include Best International’s innovative Greyfriars Portfolio Six Service, launched as an ‘industry first’ in 2014, comprising of non-correlated investments and reaching more than £40m in 2015.

This service achieved projected annual returns of approximately 8-10% for investors, with almost £4m new capital raised each month, propelling Best International’s status as the UK’s leading authority on alternative and non-correlated investment strategies.

The market reported one of the worst starts to the year in January, with mild panic setting in across global markets.

It is no revelation that investors are generally advised to diversify their property portfolios, however, we’ve seen that mass market trends have focused on conventional investment opportunities, which are linked to the market and therefore larger fluctuations do occur.

Non-correlated investments do not track the market and hence are far less volatile, which is why we believe it is crucial to consider non-correlated investment options as part of a diversified property portfolio. As Portfolio Six comprises of non-correlated investments, there is far greater potential for investors to achieve higher returns.

Today, clients are looking for a structured model that elevates their business and achieves their financial goals. However, it can be difficult to identify what is needed to achieve this. Best International have the experience and knowledge to help corporate clients in structuring creative financial models. Our dynamic approach enables us to create a bespoke solution, helping businesses to achieve their financial requirements, whilst simultaneously creating a product which is appealing to high-net-worth investors.

Best International have become a trusted source and the ‘go to’ people in capital raising, funding and asset management. The market has also shaped our services, Greyfriars Asset Management now has over £850m assets under management, enabling Best International to be in the position of servicing both private and corporate clients successfully.
The market has also shaped our services, having acquired Greyfriars Asset Management in 2012 which now has over £850m assets under management, Best International are in the unique position of servicing both private and corporate clients successfully.

Corporate Finance Consultancy Services: Best is responsible for developing and managing the complete fund-raising strategy for this project. Best International have raised over £22m via Corporate Bonds and secured an incredible £2bn worth of funding for Corporate Client, Orthios Eco Parks, enabling the transformation of the Anglesey industrial site into a 299-megawatt heat and power station.
Fund Raising Products: Best structured a series of fund raising products, including retail bonds, bespoke HNW offers and institutional notes, equally forming part of a balanced portfolio investment strategy to private clients.
Administration and Marketing: Best created the promotional material and distributed the structured investment products via our internal HNW and retail networks and Greyfriars Portfolio Six Service.

Best International’s primary markets are SME’s, Entrepreneurs and HNW clients, as we can make an actual difference to their business. Best International want to help businesses to grow, become sustainable and enable them to enjoy their wealth via the additional services they provide from affiliated companies, Best Onyx and Best Travel Services.

Today Best International are:
– One of the UK’s leading authorities on alternative and non-correlated investment strategies
– An expert in peer-to-peer lending
– Provide pioneering capital raising, funding and asset management strategies for SMEs
– Make the unobtainable more accessible to clients and their financial advisers

Watch The Business Debate Interview with Brad Lincoln